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​RICHARD HONEY / Technical Guru

What you need to know...

Richard has been working with technology since the late 1970's. 

Having made a career of designing and developing computer applications he prides himself on always over-delivering and coming in under budget.

Today, designing commercial websites, creating logos and building chatbot dialogues that lead to high lead generation and sales is only part of his day. Putting together your social media schedule is an activity he particularly enjoys!

Richard is also a pastor and works with churches to provide ministry outreach campaigns to their local communities in addition to informative and effective websites.


"In our highly competitive business markets the need for video and interaction is crucial to grabbing the attention of your prospective client. With website development, video, graphic design, branding and business coaching, my company can bring a wealth of expertise to your project.

Although resident in Oklahoma, my business is worldwide. Near or far, together we will establish the best way to meet your business needs at a budget-friendly price."

Richard says "British by birth, and not one to miss making new friends and business acquaintances, I enjoy working world-wide and locally in my own business community."

Although technology tools are ever-changing, the fundamentals of honesty, integrity, ability and due diligence have not changed. Your business will benefit from these tried and tested attributes of Richard's business success and his desire to see you succeed.

Contact Richard directly here.

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