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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Search engine algorithms seek out the best websites, in content and reliability, that meet the viewers needs based on their query.

On page SEO

Each of the pages in your website is a snapshot of an aspect of your business.  It consists of keywords, titles, headers, content and images.

On each page we evaluate clarity, consistency (when compared to other pages on your site), how well your page contents adhere to your brand and the integrity of the corporate image. We suggest updates to contents that are most likely to advance your ranking in major search engines. One example of an often neglected area is the "alternate text" option associated with an image - so the user understands what should have been on the page in the event the image is unable to load.

Off page SEO

Items outside of your website that can impact contemporary algorithms when ranking in a search engine are how often your contents are linked too (from other sites) - this "backlinking" tells the search engine the kind of impact your site has on the target community and how valuable it is in the search results.

Social media presence, consistency and content also plays a part in this segment of your SEO journey.

Technical SEO

Keeping your website in "good shape" with no broken links, mobile-version errors or speed problems can also impact your search engine ranking.

Website audits, speed optimization and a mobile-friendliness check are all items needed to keep your website in good running order and will ensure that you reap the benefits of good technical design as well as ongoing maintenance on your site.

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